Narelle Martin is the Founder and Director of the Regional Change Agency.

What’s My Purpose?

I am passionate about working with people, groups and businesses to build hope in a warming world.

My purpose is to help people manage better the current impacts of climate change. 

What I want to do is to support this passion and build on my purpose through my work.  I also focus on activities that can help reduce the impact and scale of future climate change.

My approach draws on my extensive work experience as an environmental professional, outlined for example in the sections on publications and submissions. I have delivered workshops, spoken at conferences and with leadership groups, as well as many one on one conversations. I have spoken with Rotary groups and members of the University of the Third Age (U3A).

I invite you to contact me if you want to know more and build hope in a warming world. This can be through individual discussions, in group discussions, workshops and presentations. I am also very happy to work in collaboration with other groups.

Regional Change Agency draws on experience gained in Australia and Canada. We also draw on the skills and experience of other consultants. For larger projects, this can include operating as lead consultant, with sub contractors, or supporting other consultants as lead. This allows a tailored mix of expertise that delivers quality outcomes.

The Regional Change Agency is the trading name for Two Hemispheres Environmental Consulting Pty Ltd.

Our Logo

The teapot? We are looking at having friendly conversations. It is also a nod to the kitchen table conversations that have been used to help people to navigate change and sustainability. In North East Victoria they were the basis of discussions about who we wanted as our Federal representative. 

The flower:  is about flourishing and joy

The Windmill:  is a nod to renewable energy.

The clouds?  Well that was a surprise that turned up with the final graphic, and was not on my list. The designer used it as a reference to wind. For me it was a lovely signal and a reminder of my late brother.