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Regional Change Agency helps people, businesses and communities understand climate change and through action, expand hope

This website is a resource to inform your decisions.

We make decisions as individuals and communities all the time.  As individuals we decide where we want to live, the type of housing we want, whether we want to plant food and what food we want to eat, what sort of landscaping we may wish to have, and where to invest.

Local government makes decisions about road maintenance, infrastructure including storm water management, services for the community: maternal health, child welfare, economic development, planning and animal welfare, to identify a few.

Economic development officers are looking to encourage businesses, increase the resilience of existing businesses and encourage new ones.

Business make investment decisions, products or services to deliver, may provide transport options for staff and the movement of products, and need to make decisions and responsibilities about staff including their welfare.

The challenge is then how to ensure that these decisions have actively considered the impact of climate change already taking place as well as future impacts and how to manage.

We are interested with working with others to explore how to manage and thrive with change. Our experience, particularly working with local government, has confirmed the need to shift our thinking from considering climate change as an environmental issue to consider it as decision making, economic, amenity, business and planning issues, as examples.

We bring a deep understanding of environmental aspects of climate change but our focus is clearly on people and communities, and managing and adapting to the changes underway.

How can we work together to make a difference?

We believe in a collaborative approach and working with you.

This website provides examples of excellent work underway.

I know that the information around climate change in Australia is highly charged.  The service that Regional Change Agency offers includes:

  • Friendly one on one coaching to become more confident about the impacts of climate change on your business, board and community and help develop a plan moving forward.
  • Workshops that can be offered in small group settings, either remotely or face to face depending on the Covid setting of the time.
  • Talks with your business, local government and industry group.
  • Presentations to community, service groups and organisations.

Our experience has shown us:

  • There are many excellent approaches underway adapting to impacts and opportunities around climate change.
  • Wherever possible we should be connecting people and approaches so we can learn from each other.
  • This is not about blame: people are at different levels of comfort about change
  • There are many existing models that can be adapted: there is no need to reinvent the wheel
  • It should be fun!

The following article recently came out from the Fifth Estate, which arose from discussions I had with the editor in Melbourne at the Eco-cities Conference. The focus is on my views about regions and opportunities around climate change and resilience. I also gave a plug to the renewable activities in this part of the world. 

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