Selection of Major Workshops and Conferences

Narelle Martin, Director of Regional Change Agency, has presented papers at conferences and workshops in, Australia, Canada and the United States.

Examples of major presentations include:

Narelle Martin, 'Trying Something Else: Local Government Climate Change Mentor Pilot in Victoria', Australian Regional Development Conference, Canberra, ACT, 5-6 September 2016.

Narelle Martin, 'Local Government Climate Change Mentors pilot initiative 2014-2016' Sustainability in Public Works Conference, Melbourne, Victoria. 24-26 August 2016.

Narelle Martin, 'Working at the pointy end: Local Government and climate change", 2013 NCCARF National Adaptation Conference, Sydney, NSW, 25-27 June 2013.

Narelle Martin, ‘Municipalities and Catchment Management: Underestimated Players?’ Australian Water Association Catchment Management Conference, Wangaratta, Victoria. 22-23 August 2011.

Narelle Martin, ‘Watershed Management in the Murray Darling Basin, Australia.’  The Third International Conference of Sustainable Agriculture for Food Energy and Industry, St. Catharines, Canada. August 22-27, 2005.

Narelle Martin, ‘How does the Wine Industry Grow? Reducing Environmental Risk’, British Columbia Wine Institute 2005 Enology and Viticulture Conference, Penticton, Canada. July 25-26, 2005.

Narelle Martin, ‘Municipalities and Catchment Management: Underestimated Players?’, American Water Works Association, 124th Annual Conference and Exposition, San Francisco, United States of America, June 12-16, 2005.

Narelle Martin, ‘Developing Environmental Excellence in a Growing Industry.  The Canadian Experience’, South Australian Wine Industry Association, 3rd Australian Wine Industry Environment Conference, From Local to Global, Adelaide, Australia, February 2-3, 2005. (Keynote speaker).

Narelle Martin, ‘Municipalities and Watersheds’, Federation of Canadian Municipalities, Sustainable Communities: You decide, Ottawa, Ontario, February 4-7, 2004

Narelle Martin, ‘Watershed Management in the Murray Darling Basin, Australia.’ Watershed Management Council, Watersheds across Boundaries, Stevenson, Washington USA, November 3-6, 2002

Narelle Martin, ‘Corporatisation as a means of improving water quality. The experience in Victoria, Australia.’ The First International Conference on Water and Health, Ottawa, 22- 25 September 2002.

Session Chair and Moderator, 'Stopping Air and Global Warming Pollution at the Source' at Global Cities 21 ICLEI World Congress of Local Government, Dessau, Germany, 28 June -1 July 2000.

Narelle Martin, 'Landcare in Australia: A model for changing land management', Thinking outside the Box. Sustaining Agriculture in the 21st Century: Thinking outside the Box, North American Chapter International Farming Systems Association, Guelph, Ontario, Canada October 20-23, 1999.

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