Regional Climate Change Adaptation Strategy

Background to this material.

This major piece of work comprises reports from a number of consultants.  Two separate projects were funded. The North East Greenhouse Alliance project “North East Victoria Adapting to a Low Water Future” was funded by the Australia Government through Water for the Future. The second project Developing a Socioeconomic Resilience Plan was funded under the Australian Government ‘s Water for the Future and Strengthening the Basins Communities program.

The members of the Greenhouse Alliance were deeply involved as the Steering Committee for the projects.  I was initially involved as a consultant and wrote the document  NE Victoria-Adapting to a Low Water Future: Review of Municipal Documents. Later that year, the Executive Officer for NEGHA moved on, and I was asked to complete the project management, which included engaging additional consultants.   NEGHA was successful in obtaining additional Federal funding and the second set of reports and consultations took place.  This work, looking at Socioeconomic Resilience was project managed by Jan Ryan.

In all there were over 24 pieces of work undertaken. I was engaged to write two more reports towards the completion of these projects. For an overview of the contents of all reports you may wish to check the report Final report and Overview North East Victoria: Adapting to a Low Water Future (NEGHA, 2012) and for the second project, the document Appendix 5: Overview of Reports from Socioeconomic Adaptation Planning by my colleague Jan Ryan.    In addition, there is a PowerPoint which provides an overview of the work done.  I also wrote the final report: Regional Climate Adaptation Strategy for North East Victoria: Water and Beyond and most of the associated Appendices.

The North East Greenhouse Alliance members are now members of the Goulburn Broken Greenhouse Alliance. This group continues to undertake excellent work to assist communities in the Goulburn Broken and North East become better prepared and resilient as we adapt to the impacts of climate change.  Further details of the GB Greenhouse Alliance are available on their website

  Appendix 1: Reports produced in related projects (Narelle Martin)
  Appendix 2: Linkages to recommendations from Hume Regional Plan for Sustainable
     Communities (Narelle Martin)
  Appendix 3: Committees overseeing the projects (Narelle Martin)
  Appendix 4: Overview Report for Adapting to a Low Water Future (Narelle Martin)
  Appendix 5: Overview of Reports from Socioeconomic Adaptation Planning (Jan Ryan)
  Appendix 6: Alternative Options to manage Sullage and Sewage in Small Towns – Addendum
     (Peter Coombes, Bonacci Water)

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