The Logo

The Logo

The teapot? We are looking at having friendly conversations. It is also a nod to the kitchen table conversations that have been used to help people to navigate change and sustainability [1]. In North East Victoria they were the basis of discussions about who we wanted as our Federal representative. 

The flower?  is about flourishing and joy

The Windmill?  is a nod to renewable energy.

The clouds?  Well that was a surprise that turned up with the final graphic, and was not on my list. The designer used it as a reference to wind. For me it was a lovely signal and a reminder of my late brother.

[1]  For a resource see Wendy Sarkissian with Nancy Hofer, Yollana Shore, Steph Vajda and Cathy Wilkinson, Kitchen Table Sustainability. Practical Recipes for Community Engagement with Sustainability., Earthscan from Routledge, 2009. New York.

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